Trillium Wood Players Club

Trillium Wood Players Club (Friday Afternoon)


Again, for another year is the TWPC, this is a fun group that play for a little cash and for the overall winner is the presentation of the Fed Up Cup awarded at the end of the season.

Format will vary each week, with individual and team games based on handicaps. Points are awarded based on the size of the field as listed below:

9 People or less 1st – 10pts, 2nd – 7pts, 3rd – 5pts, 4th– 6th – 3pts
10 – 15 People 1st – 12pts, 2nd – 10pts, 3rd – 7pts, 4th– 6th – 5pts, 7th – 10th – 3pts
16 – 20 People 1st – 15pts, 2nd – 12pts, 3rd – 10pts, 4th– 6th – 7pts, 7th – 10th – 5pts, 11th-14th – 3pts
21 People + 1st – 20pts, 2nd – 17pts, 3rd – 15pts, 4th– 6th – 12pts, 7th – 10th – 9pts, 11th-15th – 6pts


Entry Fee is $15 – $5 for the format, $5 for closest to the hole and $5 for Skins. Some weeks skins will be handicap based.

I usually send an email out with the format and the times (230PM-300PM) depending on the availability. You only need to respond to the email if you are playing, if you can’t play, you do not to email me, I will assume no response, no playing.

We will be play three majors, where points are doubled

June 5 – Opening Day – Individual Event – 75% of your handicap

July 1 – Canada Day Championship – Individual

August 28 – TWPC Championship – Individual and the awarding of the Fed Up Cup.

If you are interested in playing and are not on my email list, email me at jerrytraer@workplacesafetynorth.ca so I can add your name.

Jerry Traer