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Online Resources for Golfers

Please find below a number of resources and tutorials on how to use our online booking software. These articles are very helpful and will answer most of your questions regarding the online booking process. See you out on the course!


Booking A Group Who Have Packages or Have to Pay GF and/or Cart

  • If you are booking a tee time for 4 players, you are expected to pay for the entire booking. Now if they are golf plan members or regular members, the fees will adjust accordingly depending on their player type.
  • You will not be able to apply another player’s package (free rounds, carts, golf plan green fees, etc.) to their booking.
  • We are suggesting that you either book in as a single and forward the tee time confirmation to your playing partners to have them book in for the same time so that they can use their free rounds themselves. OR call us and we can book the foursome and apply each player’s packages over the phone.
  • If you book the foursome and pay for the foursome, we encourage you to collect the money from your playing partners. If you book and pay for players who have round/cart packages we encourage you to collect the money from your playing partners and they can just use their packages next time they come out.

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